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Renting A Large Moving Truck? Know Some Basics Of Driving With Manual Transmission

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Are you planning to move to a new home, but want to rent a truck and do it yourself? If so, you may discover a problem you didn't anticipate. Many large moving trucks have a manual transmission, which can be scary to someone that has never driven a manual transmission vehicle before. Here are some basics needed for driving a truck with manual transmission.

Get Familiar With The Clutch

The next thing you should do is sit in the driver's seat and get familiar with how feels to operate the clutch. You don't drive with one foot, but actually use two. You'll be operating the gas and brake with your right foot, and the clutch with your left foot. Activate the parking brake and get used to the sensation of pressing on the clutch using your left foot.

Get Familiar With The Gears

You'll also want to get used to what it's like to shift between different gears. The gear shifter should have a diagram on it showing where each gear is located. While the truck is in park and the parking brake activated, try moving between each gear so that you can get a feel of what is is like to shift from one gear to the other. You'll want to get to the point where you don't have to look down to know which gear you are in. Be aware that the car is in neutral when you are in between gears.

Driving Forward In First Gear

Know that trucks are very sensitive to accelerating when driving in first gear. To get started, press down on the clutch and move the transmission to first gear. Then slowly release the clutch until the truck begins to gradually move forward. Then hold the clutch in that position and give the car a little bit of gas to move faster. Slowly move your foot off the clutch as you begin to accelerate

It helps to practice getting into first gear from a complete stop since you'll be doing this a lot while pulling into a driveway or accelerating after a stop sign of red light. Practice in an empty parking lot until you get the hang of it.

Shifting To High Gears

Once the car is moving, you can shift to a higher gear to go faster once you reach 3,500 RPMs. Remove your foot from the gas and press down on the clutch, then shift into the higher gear. Press down on the clutch and the gas at the same time to start accelerating.

If you need assistance learning how to drive a moving truck with a manual transmission, which include skills like downshifting and going into reverse, ask a U Haul truck rental or other type of truck rental company.