Storing Successfully By Using A Storage Unit

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Renting Your First Storage Unit? 3 Things You May Not Know About

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If you need to rent a storage unit for the first time, there are a few things you may not know about working with a storage rental company. The more you know about how storage rentals work and what the storage rental company can offer you, the better rental decision you can make for your belongings. #1 Reserve a Unit Don’t assume that the storage facilities around you will have room for your belongings. Read More»

Renting A Large Moving Truck? Know Some Basics Of Driving With Manual Transmission

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Are you planning to move to a new home, but want to rent a truck and do it yourself? If so, you may discover a problem you didn’t anticipate. Many large moving trucks have a manual transmission, which can be scary to someone that has never driven a manual transmission vehicle before. Here are some basics needed for driving a truck with manual transmission. Get Familiar With The Clutch The next thing you should do is sit in the driver’s seat and get familiar with how feels to operate the clutch. Read More»

5 Self Storage Tips For Baby Clothes

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Some parents like to keep baby clothes from their first child as hand-me-downs if they’re planning to have a second child later. If this sounds like you, you might want to keep the baby clothes in a storage unit to free up room in your home Here are five tips for doing this successfully. 1. Keep them organized by age Sometimes the sizes on the label lie. Or they just aren’t quite right for your baby. Read More»

Three Reasons You Need Temperature Control For Clothing Storage

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When you have extra clothing that does not fit in closets, or if you are between homes and looking for a new space, a storage unit is a good investment. Renting a storage unit by the month will permit you the option of finding a new dresser and armoire, or finding a new place to live, without needing to rush. If you are storing clothing by itself, you can place clothing on covered rolling racks or inside of storage tubs for an easier move. Read More»

Four Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle For Storage

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Placing your vehicle in a storage facility can be a great way to save some space in your garage while you move, or can be a perfect way to protect a summer vehicle from the harsh conditions associated with the winter. However, no matter the reason why you may be putting your vehicle into storage, you should perform some basic maintenance tasks beforehand to ensure that your car does not suffer any damage while sitting idle and is able to run as good as new once you eventually take it out again. Read More»